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Welcome to my website. Feel free to drop me a line anytime at if you have any comments,

or just want to tell me that you have used the site. You may know me as, but I am going to change my email address some day, though I have had the Hotmail account for 15 years now and it is how I am known to a "few people" by that address, so who know knows.  If you want my full information, check out the About page.



I have written several books on database design with SQL Server (most recently with Jessica Moss (@JessicaMMoss) as a contributor, with the new version coming up later this year!), a book on Dynamic Management Views with Tim Ford (@SQLAgentMan). I also try to get around and do presentations on Database Design whenever I can at any SQL Saturday I can drive to from Nashville. I upload all of my slides here.. If you are interested, check out my calendar of events...Or I am always available for parties if you need someone to lead naptime.





Twitter - @drsql

Really a live stream of the highlights of my life, mostly oriented to SQL and conferences, musings about programming, but sometimes about my family and love for movies, music, food, Disney Parks, and Legos.



Simple Talk - What Counts For A DBA 

Individual aspects of what makes a DBA (or any data professional, really) "great" versus the painfully average DBA that just gets by.


SQLBlog.Com - My Personal General SQL Blog

My blog where I occasionally present SQL Topics that I use to try out ideas, or simply have not found anyone to pay me for yet (I do try to keep content free for you, but I don't mind adding to the Disney World fund for my writing).



Upcoming Events


 2016 Aug 18-20Music City CodeSpeaker 
 2016 July 14Richmond SQL Server User Group Speaker
 2016 June 04SQL Saturday 491 PensacolaSpeaker 
 2016 May 2524 Hours of PASS Session Moderator 
Mid to Late 2016 Pro SQL Server Database Design
and Implementation 
                               Full List